About Your Doctor:

Dr. Dwight Barnes, O.D., FIAOMC

Dr. Dwight Barnes is the director of our Myopia Control Program. Dr. Barnes is dedicated to fighting the myopia epidemic and keeping our patients’ eyes healthy. Being very nearsighted himself, Dr. Barnes has a passion for helping children who are nearsighted. 

FIAOMC stands for Fellow of the International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control

  • Fellows have undergone advanced training and rigorous testing to demonstrate their level of expertise in myopia control and orthokeratology
  • A Fellow is the gold standard and represents the highest level of knowledge, ethics, and patient care in myopia control
  • Fellows serve as mentors and role models for other practitioners as well as the general public.

Dr. Dwight is the only Fellow in the Triangle and one of only 155 worldwide.

Current Research: