Dear Dr. Barnes –

I just wanted to thank you again for suggesting the CRT (Overnight Sight) program for my son. It has been an unbelievable week for us, and everyone we tell seems to be just as amazed at our story.

My son was having trouble seeing at distances, in school and while playing sports. After your eye examination, we got him prescription eye glasses which made a big difference for him. But he couldn’t wear them to play baseball, or during PE class. He could no longer hit the ball in baseball, and at night practices, he could barely see the ball to catch it.

So we decided to try your recommendation of Overnight Sight – corneal molds worn at night. My husband and I were both skeptical – but my 11 yr old son was all for it, if it meant he could play baseball again. The fitting appointment went well, and while my son had some trouble getting the contacts in and out, we were all a go that first night. The next day, after you examined him and took out the contacts, he got in the car and said – “Hey mom! I can see! I can read that sign and I’m not wearing my glasses!”

It’s now been a week and a half and my son is back to playing baseball day and night. He’s back to hitting the ball like he used to a year ago! He doesn’t need glasses at all during the day – not even for a 7:30-9pm night-time baseball practice. It’s truly an amazing experience for him.

Thank you so much! It’s made a huge difference in his quality of life. He’s playing his sports, having fun with his friends and is glasses-free.

We would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to, or can’t deal with the hassle of glasses. It was quick and easy and well worth the cost to not have to buy repeated prescription glasses and sports goggles over the year. So glad we decided to do it and can’t thank you enough for suggesting it. Keep up the great work!

All the best,
Susan – Patient Andrew L.

CRT lenses have allowed our son’s vision to be corrected without the inconvenience of glasses. The fact he can sleep in them and they don’t interfere with his daily routine was a key factor. He participates in a number of sports and being able to play glasses-free was important.
– Patient Caden B.

At the beginning, I was skeptical when I heard about the overnight corneal shaping program. It was too good to be true. I discussed it with my husband and we both did some online research. We met with Dr. Dwight with a list of questions. He was very patient with us and cleared all our doubts. We liked the way he gave honest answers and were convinced that it was the right choice for both of our teenage daughters. Right from the beginning of the procedure, Dr. Dwight and his team worked meticulously as they would do for their own family. Within couple of weeks, both my girls did not need their glasses. We were happy to see their pretty faces minus glasses!

Dr. Dwight and his team continue the same awesome treatment during the regular maintenance visits as well. I would recommend Dr. Dwight to anyone interested in overnight corneal shaping program.
– Patients Bhavani and Bhairavi J.

Matthew showed signs of having difficulty reading the instructional board in class and watching TV about 18 months ago. Cary Family Eye Care, and the Drs. Barnes have been our (adult) family providers for many years. We did not hesitate to take Matthew in to get him checked out. During the examination, Dr. Barnes was kind as always – explaining everything every step of the way so that Matthew was comfortable and in the know. At the end of the exam, it was concluded that Matthew did indeed need corrective eye wear. Matthew was 8 at the time, a year round competitive swimmer, an avid learner and all boy loving to play outside. Given Matthew’s active lifestyle, but also young age, Dr. Barnes provided two options – glasses or Overnight Sight. We went traditional out of the gate, and Matthew got his snappy glasses. Whereas those worked really well, he couldn’t wear them swimming, and seeing the wall to turn becomes a competitive advantage. So, we went back to Dr. Barnes about six months later and told him….”It is Time”.

True to form, Dr. Barnes carefully walked Matthew through every step of the exam and then turned him over to his super kind staff who worked with Matthew patiently to teach him how to handle his corneal molds properly – from putting them in to taking them out and keeping them clean.

Today – Matthew has 20/20 vision during the day – continues to excel in swim and school and battles his friends with lightsabers in the back yard. He doesn’t have to worry about getting hit in the face with a ball, not seeing the wall for swim turns and making sure he doesn’t break his glasses. He simply pops his ONS molds in at night and takes them back out in the morning. Easy as that and Matthew is back to all of his favorite activities with no cares in the world

Thank you Dr. Barnes!
– Patient Matthew H.

My name is Kambry and I am one of the many successful CRT (Overnight Sight) patients. I have been using these for almost 2 years now, and they have been extremely helpful.

Back when I was in 5th grade, I noticed I wasn’t seeing clearly so my parents took me to Cary Family Eye Care where I was given a pair of glasses. They were great, but I felt like glasses weren’t the best option for me.

So, my eye doctor introduced me to the Overnight Sight program. He described how they were put in every night to reshape my cornea, ultimately “correcting” my vision while sleeping so I could see perfectly all day. I was hesitant about trying them at first because the process sounded a little unusual, but after a week of use I could see drastic improvement.

Overall, Overnight Sight is a superior alternative for glasses and standard contacts, and I enjoy wearing them. They’re super easy to clean and wear, and the results are awesome. I hope to continue with these lenses so I can continue seeing flawlessly!
– Patient Kambry S.

Overnight Sight technology is a boon for kids helping them in their everyday sports and other activities without the hassle of glasses or regular lenses. My two daughters have been using ONS for 15 months. It has been working well for them. We are really thankful to Dr. Dwight Barnes for his excellent care at Cary Family Eye Care. I keep recommending Cary Family Eye Care to my friends.
– Patients Sri Sruthi P. and Sri Sravya P.